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Frequently Asked Questions

A title company hires a title examiner or real estate attorney to research the chain of title on the home and checks the chain to make sure there are no title defects or liens.

In Ross County it is normal for the person(s) paying the title insurance to choose the title company.

Title insurance is state regulated. Every title company may differ in fees. You can call or email for a quote.

Title insurance is a policy in exchange for a one-time premium paid at closing. This one-time cost protects against future losses resulting from defects in the title to real property that exist at the time of purchase but are unknown or undisclosed.

If you are borrowing money for a property, most lender’s will require a Lender’s Title Insurance Policy which will protect your lender. You are not required to purchase an Owner’s Title Insurance policy, but you should consider with it being a one-time cost to protect you!

Title Insurance covers losses due to defects that already exist, a title search is a major part of the title insurance transaction. Before a title insurance policy is issued, the title company will have a title examiner, or an attorney conduct a detailed examination of the public records in regards to the property. These records include but are not limited to deeds, mortgages, probate, and tax records. The search will show all defects and encumbrances including judgments, liens, restrictions and easements. Once a title search is complete and examined the title company will issue a title commitment for title insurance.

Title searches can take from 5 business days to a little longer depending on the County.

Certain states are considered dower States. Ohio is one of them. Dower gives the spouse the right to receive an interest in the property. If you purchase, sell, refinance or transfer title to another person the spouse will have to sign off on the deed if selling or transferring title. If you are a purchasing or refinancing the lender will require certain documents to be signed by the spouse along with signing the mortgage. Dower is terminated if the spouse has passed away or by divorce. If you are separated or legally separated your spouse will still have a dower interest and will still need to sign.

State issued I.D., cashier’s check if bringing funds under $10k, if over 10k you must wire funds. If you are received funds from us you may bring a voided check for wire information. Any other documents specific to the transaction or required by the lender and or realtor.

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National Rate Calculator

The National Rate Calculator (NRC) is a web-based platform designed to help our customers and agents estimate the potential settlement-related costs for a residential real estate transaction. All quotes are subject to the terms and conditions set forth on the generated quote.

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